Choosing Wisely and Being Thankful

Chapter 3 of Good Guys, Wise Guys, and Putting Up Buildings and The Learning Curve of Gratitude by Mary Chapin Carpenter

In chapter 3 the author talks about what he wanted to do with his future job and how he started out in residential construction and then moved on to work in Venezuela through an American company.  The Learning Curve of Gratitude, the author talks about how she was touring with her band then she ended up having a pulmonary embolism and how her life changed forever and how she became thankful for everyday that she lives.  The stories are completely different but they can relate to each other because the author of Good Guys, Wise Guys, and Putting Up Buildings was very patient and choose wisely when it came to choosing what he wanted to for a job.

In a way I can relate to both of these stories because when it came time for me to get a job, I went through every single job that was available within a 30 mile radius that didn’t involve working fast food. I was very lucky when I was able to get a summer job working for the Lane Group Inc. which is an small engineering and architecture firm in my hometown and along with other offices throughout Southwest Va.  Having the opportunity to work with professional architects and engineers helped in the decision that i wanted to be something along the lines of an architect or engineer. I also had the opportunity to work Project Managers and Surveyors and they showed me how to do things properly and ethically

Getting the chance to work at the Lane Group Inc. was very important because it helped me get on the right track with my life and gave me the idea that I could do something that nobody in my family has really done, and that is go to college and pursue my life goals and eventually land the job of my dreams.

When it comes to my future, I know what kind of job I want and that’s really anything that has to do with construction, but for as far as where I want to work is far away from being decided.  I would like to stay relatively close to home but I’m open to working anywhere as long as I will enjoy the job.  Image


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